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To give you a hint of the kind of people I'm dealing with here at the assylum, here's a quick convo I had with one of them:

Me: Out of curiosity, what is your reading level?

Mike: I don't know, A?

Nuff said.

Oh yeah, and wazzzz up people

and please please please join:


You actually do get paid I got $15 last month, its not a lot but its something.

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Guys please join 


its an online survey site where you fill out information and they give you money for it. It really does work, I mean you don't get a lot, but you get a little bit (and you need to make $10 or more in order to recieve it)

But its a good way to earn a little

Plus if you refer someone and they make $10 you get $3 as a bonus and like 20% of what they get (like they make 100 you make 20)

So ya, please support me and sign up?

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